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DUM 2018 at a Glance

The 21st century electric grid is witnessing several disruptive changes. After 100 years of centralized power generation and creation of massive electric grids, the shift is now towards de-centralized generation. For the past five years we are witnessing that increasing share of new generation resources are being added at the low voltage or distribution segment of the grid which is a major transformational change to the electric grid. The traditional model of electricity being generated at large power plants and transported to millions of consumers through long transmission and distribution lines is changing. The traditional boundaries between Generation, Transmission and Distribution are fast disappearing and the grid is evolving as an integrated grid. This change is primarily driven by distributed generation from renewables which have already achieved price parity for most customer classes in many geographies. Electric Vehicles are going to make the electric grid even more complex to manage as there will be less predictability on their locations of connection with the grid.

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utility & government participation

The workshop will include plenaries and breakout sessions. Invited international utilities and Knowledge Partners will present on select topics. Case studies and project experiences will be discussed in separate breakout sessions.Key challenges to Discoms will be compiled and circulated as workshop themes. Presentations and discussions will be around those themes.

Industry Participation

Limited number of exhibition booths of size 3 x 2 mtrs are available in the pre-function area on a paid basis to Indian and international companies and organizations. The exhibition booths will be sold on a first come - first served basis.

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