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As India embarks on its smart grid journey, it is imperative that we do not make the same mistakes but learn from each other's experiences. Given the nebulous nature of smart grids, which have been described as a journey more than a destination, as well as the fact that there is no single architecture, standard, etc., there is immense value to utilities in sharing best practices, lessons learned, challenges faced, etc., in addition to collectively stating needs which will be relevant for solution providers as well as policymakers and regulators.

Key objectives of the Distribution Utility Meet would be:

• Brainstorm how to cope with the new-normal and preparing for the next-normal post- Covid-19
• Discuss and evaluate new and emerging technologies, business models and monetization options for utilities
• Discuss digitalization of processes and operations of utilities leveraging existing systems at incremental cost
• Discuss case studies and best practices from across the globe
• Evaluate regulatory, policy, financial and business challenges of DISCOMs for digitalization and remote working and operations