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About Distribution Utility Meet (DUM) 2018

The 21 century electric grid is witnessing several disruptive changes. After 100 years of centralized power generation and creation of massive electric grids, the shift is now towards de-centralized generation. For the past five years we are witnessing that increasing share of new generation resources are being added at the low voltage or distribution segment of the grid which is a major transformational change to the electric grid. The traditional model of electricity being generated at large power plants and transported to millions of consumers through long transmission and distribution lines is changing. The traditional boundaries between Generation, Transmission and Distribution are fast disappearing and the grid is evolving as an integrated grid. This change is primarily driven by distributed generation from renewables which have already achieved price parity for most customer classes in many geographies. Electric Vehicles are going to make the electric grid even more complex to manage as there will be less predictability on their locations of connection with the grid.

Smart Grid technologies have emerged as the key enablers for both integration of distributed and variable renewable energy as well as electric vehicles. The widespread deployment of smart grids is crucial to achieving a more secure and sustainable energy future as well as addressing current concerns with existing electricity systems, such as ageing infrastructure and increasing peak demands. Smart Grids have also emerged as the critical enabling infrastructure for all flagship programs for Government of India (GoI) such as 24x7 Power for All,100 Smart Cities, 175 GW of Renewable Energy by 2022, National Mission on Electric Mobility with a target of 6-7 million Electric Vehicles by 2022, Smart metering for all electricity customers on fast track etc.

Key Objective of DUM 2018

As India embarks on its smart grid journey, it is imperative that we do not make the same mistakes but learn from each other's experiences. Given the nebulous nature of smart grids, which have been described as a journey more than a destination, as well as the fact that there is no single architecture, standard, etc., there is immense value to utilities in sharing best practices, lessons learned, challenges faced, etc., in addition to collectively stating needs which will be relevant for solution providers as well as policymakers and regulators.

Key objectives of the Smart Utility Forum and the workshop would be:

• Capture Best Practices followed by leading Distribution Utilities in India and Overseas
• Discuss on future Technologies and challenges for Utilities
• Leverage benefits in Technology, Finance and Regulations
• Brainstorming and practical demonstrations on new Technologies
• Discuss and evaluate new Business Models

First Edition Distribution Utility Meet 2017

The first Distribution Utility Meet (DUM) was hosted by Bangalore Electricity Supply Company (BESCOM) with ISGF as a Organising Partner. DUM was organized as a 2-days Smart Utilities Forum th scheduled on 29 & 30 November 2017 in Bangalore. It provided a unified voice to influence and enable the DISCOM community to leverage each other's experiences for successful nationwide smart grid roll outs. The DUM was a strategic forum of Indian utilities community to help each other achieve business goals, by gaining the insights and influence to improve smart grid technologies and bridge the gap between strategy and execution.

DUM 2017 was a huge success and received accolades from all participants. Leading utilities from USA, Canada and Europe also participated in DUM 2017 and shared their experiences in implementing Smart Grid Technologies